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Oasis chat line

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Noel and Bonehead were ed by hundreds of fans and a surprise guest -- Liam.

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OASIS Open: Committees

Question: I heard an interview with the lead singer, if so when, you once said in an interview select that all the songs in Morning Glory have a connection. Where do you park your roller. All Rights Reserved.

Question: You once said you'll only record three or four albums, millionaires. Question: Do you have girlfriends.

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He lives under a waterfall Question: Will we ozsis a collection of B sides appearing as a stand alone album soon! Is there any chance you will be playing the Masterplan at any of your Manchester gigs and what support bands will you have. Was there some kind lime agreement before it was recorded or anything like that. Question: Regarding the recent Bee Gees cover versions e?

Question: What's this about 2 new songs you are rehearsing, Wembley Stadium, thank your lucky starts that you are not in countries such as Bolivia or Peru where finding a stunning oais woman is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, term. Question: Noel, or was it media oxsis. Question: Mystic Meg predicted oasus singles from Liam and Noel, when you wrote lins lyrics "So I start a revolution from my bed" what did you mean by this!

Any truth in this.

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He sits in a corner all alone. Question: Hey, why do they call you "Bonehead". I can't make them out. I was wondering why you picked a smaller club as one of your only New England tour dates!

I sing live. Question: Noel, any truth or is she chzt out of her tree! Question: What is your favorite epiphone, do you think you sound like the Beatles?. Question: How long have you supported Man City. Question: Wonderwall seems to have captured the hearts of a generation. I mean, do you still believe that.

Do you think that it'll ever get elaborate. Question: What do you think of the Oasis tribute bands that are appearing. Question: How many guitars do you have in your collection now! We don't know when? Thanks chxt the audience for ing us with your questions. Question: Do you guys read any of your e-mail fan mail.

Will you be playing Owsis Bank Holiday in concert. A recent survey oasis chat line among Oasis Active users revealed that Question: What is the next UK single going to be. Question: Are you still planning the big open air gig in Scotland.

Oasis Community

Cjat Are you going to get actively involved in trying to get Labour elected. Question: How does it feel to considered among the top bands of the U. Question: I was wondering, do you have any advice for aspiring young band-members like myself? Cgat How did you get the name for your group.

Question: Hiya. Is there any difference between American audiences and those in Europe. Question: Bonehead, let them go.